Principal's Monthly News Letter

C. J. Davenport School Complex






On April 11th, we joined many across the country and state of New Jersey in raising awareness about autism by participating in what has become an annual event. Our students, staff, and some parents gathered at 1:15 pm to blow bubbles for autism. All had fun getting some fresh air, seeing each other, and being a little silly, while blowing bubbles outside. We took some great action pictures too!




We are currently administering the PARCC test to our 3rd grade students. The testing window is from April 16th through early May for Davenport School with make-up testing included.  There are a total of 3 tests: 1 test for English Language Arts and 2 tests for Mathematics. The testing time for any given test is up to 75 minutes; however special education and 504 students may receive additional time. We have developed a testing schedule that teachers sent home in their newsletter or website. Right now, we are conducting make-ups for any students who were absent during a test date or who have specific needs and accommodations.




On April 26th, we had our “Take Your Child to Work Day; allowing staff to bring their children to work. We began the day with breakfast treats at Davenport Primary and elementary Cafeterias. Our complex anticipates hosting over 110 children. It was a busy fun-filled day with children joining classes and assisting parents in various aspects of their job. Certificates and letters went home with each child for documentation in their own schools. I love having my daughter with me for a day! Others expressed the same sentiment in showing their children the job they do day to day at school.




Our grade level field trips have been scheduled for May and June. Our students always look forward to these trips and benefit greatly from the educational experience. Preschool, Kindergarten and some MD classes will go to Storybook Land on May 18th. Our 1st grade will enjoy the traditional trip to Cape May County Park/ Zoo. 2nd graders will go for the first time the Coast Guard Base in Cape May. 3rd graders will visit the Cape May Nature Center. A huge thank you to Parents’ Club for supporting these field trips and outside learning opportunities for our students. In addition, our 3rd graders will tour Miller School on June 11th. Thanks you Ms. Potter for always opening your doors to our 3rd graders, who truly appreciate being able to see the school and erase some the anxiety that happens with a change in grade and a new school.


Spring Pictures

Olympic Studios came and took class pictures at Primary on 4/10 and Elementary on 4/11.



Character Ed

Our school counselors facilitated character education lessons at Primary on 4/10 and Elementary 4/11.

3rd Grade Choir Concert


Mrs. Schenck has been working hard to prepare the 3rd grade choir. On April 9, they sang for our students in a dress rehearsal assembly. On April 12th, they performed for our parents and school community. There singing was impressive and enjoyed by all!

Parents’ Club

Grandparents’ Bingo: Our Parents Club hosted a Bingo Night on 4/13. The lucky BINGO winners were awarded prizes. They also hosted a Movie Night on 4/27 for our families. We had a solid turnout at both events with pizza and refreshments available.


MAY:  PARCC - Class Trips, Teacher Appreciation Week

Word of the Month: FRIENDSHIP

5/1-25 PARCC TESTING 3rd Grade

5/3       Liaison Meeting Elementary Conference room @8:45am

5/3       Interim Issued (if needed)

5/7       Shop Rite Dietitian during lunches

5/7       Character Ed. Primary Gym @ 1:50pm

5/7       Character Ed. Kindergarten in classroom @ 10:15am & 1:00pm

5/7       Elementary Grand Falloons Assembly in Elem. Cafe- 10am and 2pm

5/8       Primary Grand Falloons Assembly in Elem. Cafe– 10am and 2pm

5/8       Teacher Appreciation Day

5/10     Shop Rite Dietitian during lunches (location TBD)

5/10     Character Ed. Elementary Café 2nd grade @ 9:30am & 3rd grade @ 10:30am

5/11     First Grade class trip Cape May Zoo

5/13     Mother’ Day

5/14     Mother’s Day Tea (Parents Club) Primary Café @4:30pm

5/15     Staff Meeting Primary Multi-Purpose room @3:40pm

5/16     Professional Casual Day

5/16     US Coast Guard Assembly Elementary for 2nd grade

5/18     Storybook Land: Pre-School, K1-MD, and Kindergarten

5/21     Parents Club meeting @ 4:00pm

5/22     BOE Alder Ave School @ 7:00pm

5/23     Storybook Land - Rain Date

5/24     SLT Elementary Library @8:45am

5/24     Pettit GT Students Project Wet Alder Ave @ 9:30am – 1:00pm

5/24     2nd Grade Field Trip to Coast Guard Base: Rooney, Glenn, Fiola, Heck

5/25     2nd Grade Field Trip to Coast Guard Base: Pratt, Shuttleworth, Miles, Nidorf, Ward

5/25     Breakfast Buddies

5/25     Fun Day Kindergarten/Pre-School

5/25     Chad Juros Primary Multi-Purpose room 10:45am/2:15pm

5/28     School Closed Memorial Day

5/29     3rd Grade Field Trip to Cape May Nature Center: Tuthill, Beck, Kretschmer, Maples

5/31     I&RS

5/31     Fun Day Elementary/Primary

5/31     Prismatic Magic Elem. Gym 1:30pm/2:15pm

5/31     Chad Juros Primary Multi-Purpose room 1:30pm/2:15pm


Maryann Giardina

Maryann Giardina, Principal