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NEW Drop Off Procedure

December 19, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians:

               The purpose of this letter is to outline new arrival procedures that will be in place at the Davenport School Complex beginning Thursday, January 3, 2019.  Students will no longer need to be escorted into the building upon arrival. We will be utilizing one-way drop off loops at both the Primary and Elementary building.  New signage will be placed outlining the designated drop off area and staff will be on hand to assist daily. 


For AM Kindergarten, Preschool, K-1, and Grades 1-3: Please understand that student drop off will not begin until 9:15 AM.  Parents who arrive prior to 9:15 AM will need to remain in the loop with their students until staff members begin the drop off procedures. Parents who arrive after 9:30 AM will need to escort their child into the school.

For PM Kindergarten: Please understand that student drop off will not begin until 1:00 PM.  Parents who arrive prior to 1:00 PM will need to remain in the loop with their students until staff members begin the drop off procedures. Parents who arrive after 1:10 PM will need to escort their child into the school.

No student should be dropped off without an adult staff member directing your child to him/her.


Also, please keep in mind that our dismissal procedures have not changed

AM Kindergarten: will begin dismissal at 11:45 AM. If you wish to pick your child up before dismissal, you will have to call, send in a note, or be present in the main office no later than 11:40 AM.

Preschool: Preschool will begin dismissal procedures at 2:40 p.m. If you wish to pick up your child before dismissal, you will have to call, send in a note, or be present in the Main Office no later than 2:35 PM.  This allows our secretaries adequate time to call your child from their classroom, and have the child brought to you.

PM Kindergarten, K-1, and Grades 1-3: Both buildings for PM Kindergarten, K-1, and Grades 1-3 will begin dismissal procedures at 3:20 p.m. If you wish to pick up your child before dismissal, you will have to call, send in a note, or be present in the Main Office no later than 3:15 PM.  This allows our secretaries adequate time to call your child from their classroom and it gives the student time to pack up.

 If our main office does not receive a call or a note from you, and you are not physically here by the designated time above. Your child will board his/her bus. You may meet them at their designated bus stop.  Due to safety concerns for all, we will not call students back to the office once they have begun dismissal procedures and headed out to the bus lot. 

  If you have a student in each of the buildings, both the Primary and the Elementary, we will gladly call for him/her to come to the office and wait for your arrival.  It is best to pick up your younger children from the Primary building first, and then come to the Elementary building for the older children. As a reminder, please have your photo ID ready when you pick up your child. You will be asked to present your photo ID when you come in for parent pick up. Please remember to keep us informed if you have a change in address, or a change in phone number.  It is of the utmost importance that we have a current phone number to reach you in case of emergency, especially if your child is returned to school by the bus driver for any reason at the end of the day.  Your cooperation, as well as your child’s, is greatly appreciated.  Please know our main concern is keeping your child(ren) safe!

A map outlining the designated one-way drop off loops are included with this letter.
Davenport Complex Student Drop Off Map.pdf


Maryann Giardina, Principal 

​Delayed Opening Times and Schedule
Elementary Delayed 2018-2019.jpg

Primary Delayed 2018-2019.jpg Davenport Complex

April 18, 2019

Pre-School Abbreviated Day Schedule:  9:15 AM – 1:45 PM  

AM Kindergarten Abbreviated Day Schedule: 9:15 AM - 11:15 PM
(Dismisses half-hour earlier than normal.) 

PM Kindergarten Abbreviated Day Schedule: 11:45 AM – 1:45 PM

(Starts an hour and fifteen minutes earlier, and dismisses an hour and forty-five minutes earlier than normal schedule.)  

Grades 1, 2 & 3 Abbreviated Day Schedule:  9:15 AM - 1:45 PM

will be viewable on the Parent Portal
you will need to;

PLEASE  Make sure your E-mail address is correct with your child's school
If it is incorrect here are the steps to correct it so you will be able to view your child's report Card.

1. is to e-mail
Include your name, child's name, school, and their birth date

2. call the Portal hotline 609-653-0100 ext.4277
Include your name, child's name, school, and their birth date

Lastly, if you have an account and are having issues with the mobile app you may want to delete and re-download the app since there have been some known issues and it is suggested to update the app. Also, please try logging in through the website prior to the app since there have been some new security changes as well. If you are having issues with both the app and website login, please contact the portal email address or hotline and leave your username if known.

Food Allergies and Classroom Celebrations Letter
and Approved NUT - FREE Treat and Party List
davenport Parent-food allergy 2018 Letter.pdf
Nut FREE Treat and Party List_Page_1.jpg
Nut FREE Treat and Party List_Page_2.jpg
Nut FREE Treat and Party List_Page_3.jpg

District Calendar for
18-19 School Calendar.pdf

Back to School and Conference/Testing Dates
Please click below
2018-2019 Back to School and Conference-Testing Dates revised_Page_1.jpg
2018-2019 Back to School and Conference-Testing Dates revised_Page_2.jpg

2018-2019 School Year Annual Integrated Pest Management Notice
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Student Handbook
Davenport's 2018-19 Student Handbook.pdf



Davenport Renaissance

“Pennies for the Primary Playground"

Our Renaissance program will be collecting money to help with the purchase of the Primary School’s new playground.  We have volunteers that will have a pie thrown at them for raising the most money!!

The fundraiser will begin on Monday, January 28th and will end on Wednesday, February 20th. 

*Jugs will be placed in the lobby at both buildings from 8:50-9:00 am and again at 2:30-3:15 pm. The jugs will also be at each lunch period.

*On each jug, there will be a picture of our volunteers. Put your money in the jug of the person that you want to see get pie in their face!

*The team that raises the most money will be the lucky

 (and soon to be messy) winner!! 

Thank you for all of your support!

Davenport Renaissance


Animals Speak the Language of Love

Davenport School will be holding a drive during the month of February for the Humane Society and the wonderful job they do taking care of the homeless animals.  When sending in a donation, feel free to bring in a picture of your pet.  Please put your child’s name and teacher’s name on the back so the picture can be returned.  Photos will be displayed in the lobby. 

Humane Society Wish List

 33 gallon trash bags in a box, 13 gallon trash bags, 
Blue Dawn dish soap, Febreze or OdoBan, Anti-bacterial hand soap,Paper towels, Wet/dry cat food and dry dog food (Iam’s,Purina One, One Beyond,Authority), Non Clumping Cat Litter, Nail Clippers (Human and Dog), Cat & dog toys, Hand Sanitizer, Cat scratching posts and trees, Cotton Balls, Jar baby food (meat flavors), Pet carriers, Leashes & Harnesses, Blankets/Baby gates, Lysol cleaner, Liquid laundry detergent, 6 “ paper plates, Simple Green, Q- Tips, Sponges, Washcloths, Canned dog food/Wild bird seed, Band-aids,Gift Certificates from Pet or Grocery Stores 
Any and all donations appreciated!



100th Day of School
100th 1 100th 2 100th 3 100th 4

Yoga in the Classroom

On Friday, February 15th the preschool classroom had a few members of the community come into our classrooms to do physical fitness lessons.
Lamar Helms (Courtney's Husband)
Works as a physical trainer at J&J Fitness and is a Physical Therapist at Jefferson Hospital.

Melinda's Room: 1:15-1:45, Courtney's Room: 2:00-2:30

Salma Hussein (Toni's Friend) 
Works as a yoga teacher at The Leadership Studio in Atlantic City as well as Grace and Glory in Northfield.

Heather's Room: 1:00-1:20, Jackie's Room (Chrissies class pushes in): 1:30-1:50, 
Toni's Room: 2:00-2:20

yoga 1 yoga 2 yoga 3

Chinese New Year
 Two of our 1st grade classes, Ms. McGroarty, Mrs. Lukas, and Mrs. Adamchak celebrated Chinese New Year with some special activities.

lukas 2 lukas 3 lukas  4
Mrs. Tuthill and Mrs. Baldwin 3rd grade class had a special guest come in and show the student's how to use chop sticks. 
baldwin 1 baldwin 2

Winter Ball
A Night at the Oscars 
winter 1 winter 2 winter 3
winter 5 winter 8
Martin Luther King Day
Mrs. McGroarty's 1st grade class 
TOY and ESPY of the Year
Teacher of the Year Alissa Lamey
Educational Service Professional of the Year Kristina Caruso
Our School paraprofessional of the Year Katie Douglas

Chef in the Classroom

Chef Lisa, from Capriccio at Resorts, came to Davenport and did a cooking lesson with our preschool students. Students were chefs for the day and rolled dough to make cookies. They also followed Chef Lisa's directions in order to decorate cupcakes to look like a reindeer. Students had so much fun and learned a lot! Holiday cheer and sugar sprinkles were in abundance!  :)

chef 1 chef 2

Halloween 2018
halloween 2018
Fire Prevention Week 

One of Davenport's very own
Kelly Sidway (a paraprofessional in Miss Garofalo's Pre-School glass) is also a volunteer fire fighter for Scullvlle. She brought in all of her gear and went around to all of the preschool MD classroom to do lessons with our students. It was a great day and our students had so much fun! They learned so much and I believe that this helped some students cope with their fears!
jackie3jackie 1heather thumb
toni 1
Cardiff Fire Department came to the

photo 1photo 2
minter thumbminter thumb 2
Smokey the Bear
smokey 2018

EHT Pride Day
The BIG "D" in the house.....  

pride 1 pride 2 pride 4 


Davenport RenaissanceVideo



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