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Let's Eat Program

May 9, 2019     
ear Parent/Guardian:

 We are pleased to inform you that the Cooper Levenson Law Firm has invited us to join their community summer food distribution program called “Let Us Eat, Please.” The program provides FREE food during the summer months to selected students and their families. This is our community’s way of assisting families who may need a little help over the summer months. 

A boxed two‐week supply of shelf‐stable food will be available for pick up every other week. Fresh fruits and vegetables may be available on a first come, first served basis. The pick‐up time is between 10 am and 3 pm on these days:

Wednesday, June 26
Wednesday, July 10
Wednesday, July 24
Wednesday, August 7
Wednesday, August 21

You may pick up a box on each of the dates listed above. Boxes will be available for pick up at either the Slaybaugh Primary School or the Davenport Primary School. Please report to the main office with identification, where staff members will be available to assist you. 

Let us help you and your family over the summer months. If you have any questions, please contact me in the Central Administration Office at (609) 646 7911 extension 1003.


John Davis
Assistant Superintendent

will be viewable on the
Parent Portal you will need to;

PLEASE  Make sure your E-mail address is correct with your child's school and
If it is incorrect here are the steps to correct it so you will be able to view your child's report Card.
1. is to e-mail icportal@eht.k12.nj.us
Include your name, child's name, school, and their birth date
2. call the Portal hotline 609-653-0100 ext.4277
Include your name, child's name, school, and their birth date​
Lastly, if you have an account and are having issues with the mobile app you may want to delete and re-download the app since there have been some known issues and it is suggested to update the app. Also, please try logging in through the website prior to the app since there have been some new security changes as well. If you are having issues with both the app and website login, please contact the portal email address or hotline and leave your username if known.

Food Allergies and Classroom Celebrations Letter
and Approved NUT - FREE Treat and Party List
davenport Parent-food allergy 2018 Letter.pdf
Nut FREE Treat and Party List_Page_1.jpg
Nut FREE Treat and Party List_Page_2.jpg
Nut FREE Treat and Party List_Page_3.jpg


Davenport Dash Fun Run

To everyone that help support our playground...
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AtlantiCare Healthy 

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Bubbles for Autism
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GT Mythology Living Museum
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Read Across America Week

In adaptive art, Mrs. Pfaeffli's students made Truffula Trees from Dr. Seuss' book, The Lorax. They included zig zag lines for the tree trunk, and feathers to imitate the "silky" feel of the tops of the truffula trees. Mrs. Hamilton's students pose in front of the display case with their truffula trees.
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book parade
Davenport Renaissance

“Pennies for the Primary Playground"
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TOY and ESPY of the Year
Teacher of the Year Alissa Lamey
Educational Service Professional of the Year Kristina Caruso
Our School paraprofessional of the Year Katie Douglas





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